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Building and Safety Products

Metal fabrication.

Industry Associations

Hallweld Bennet is proudly a member of Master Builders Association of South Australia and Working at Heights Association.

Access Equipment | Handrail Systems | Safety Systems

Hallweld Bennett

Hallweld Bennett designs, manufactures and supplies custom made access equipment and safety systems and building and safety products of world class quality. We have built our reputation with an innovative approach, sound experience, a high regard for the quality of our products and our attention to the requirements of our customers.

We specialise in access equipment and safety systems, especially handrail systems for all kinds of applications, commercial or industrial. Our access equipment ensures safety whether it is vertical access, horizontal access, protection at heights or protection on the ground. We offer a wide range of handrail systems, custom made according to your design. We also help while designing handrail systems according to the patterns, materials and finishes available.